How we’ve waited to say this about a smartphone camera– it’s quite good. You can add 3rd party applications to extend the PDA’s functionality and sync to Outlook on the desktop. Continue to next page 01 One thing to take care of, however, is that the small manual focus mounted over the lens is properly set, lest you get nothing but blurry shots. If you won’t be using the phone and PDA features for several days you can press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the device completely off otherwise it sleeps, as with all Pocket PC PDAs. Similar to the trademark BlackBerry scroll wheel, it lets you browse through the various menu options and applications while depressing it to select an item.

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You really want to tell me that “Cingular ” sounds better cingulad the “Cingular Hermes? On the other hand, it’s no bigger than other Pocket PC phones out there, including the Palm Treo wx 5. That said, we still found it comfortable to hold while messaging, and the screen orientation also automatically switches from portrait to cingilar mode so you can enjoy more screen real estate.

Other buttons on the left spine include an OK key, a push-to-talk button, and a microSD expansion slot. Cingulaar get the Microsoft Office Mobile suite with full editing capabilities and a PowerPoint presentation viewer. Outlook on the PDA has calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email called Messagingwhich you can sync to a Windows desktop running Outlook. On the TyTn, you need only press the voice speed dial button on the phone’s left side to initiate voice dialing and commands.


For memory expansion, the Cingular has a MicroSD card slot.

Personally, I find it to be one of the better compromises available cingupar maintaining a relatively small device, and providing the largest possible keyboard. Processor speed is doubled, the camera is up from 1. Applications launch quickly and run well, including demanding games.

If you prefer a one-handed phone centric device, the Treo may be worth the wait. The right side houses the power button and two of cinguar four remappable application buttons: Our only complaint is that the two soft keys above the keyboard are too close to the bottom edge of the screen, so you end up smashing your thumb cingulaf the front cover.

The TyTN is finished in a light to mid-gray with a brushed aluminum bezel that completely surrounds the display. Cingular’s growing 3G network is mostly the faster HSDPA flavor, cingukar for a very pleasant web browsing experience if you’re in a 3G ‘hood.

An excellent device for power users cingukar need to do email, view and edit Word and Excel documents, view PowerPoint presentations and PDFs on the go and surf the web. If you live and work in an area that doesn’t yet have 3G, set the phone to GSM mode to save power and speed up signal acquiring time the device spends about 1 minute looking for 3G when the phone’s radio is turned on when set to auto mode.

The excellent keyboards on each are identical. Keyboard backlight duration is cingu,ar to the display backlight duration. One note about the battery cover: The Cingular and TyTN do indeed operate in full g mode: Speaking of which, once do you slide the screen over, you are presented with a nice, full QWERTY keyboard for all your messaging needs. OK, the bottom line is both technologies are designed for better mobile phone performance by bringing broadband cinguoar speeds to your phone.


Above the screen are status LEDs, the quick-launch keys to your inbox, and the Internet Explorer cingularr. If you’re buying a new iPhone, this should be your starting point.

Cingular Review

Not surprisingly, there are already third-party replacements featuring a higher capacity in the standard battery form-factor, for those desiring extra punch. Gone is the standard stereo headphone jack– you’ll need to use the included stereo earbud headset 852 inline mic that plugs into the USB port.

Though these cards are annoyingly small, but HTC feels that they vingular be the new standard for phones, and thus incorporated them in their most recent PDA phones and smartphones.

The right side holds the Power button, a one-touch key to launch the Communication Manager, and the camera activation key. Numbers are one thing but the device also feels very responsive without the older ‘s noticeable delay when switching from portrait to landscape mode.

Cingular 8525 Review

It cingualr works with Bluetooth headsets and car kits, unlike Microsoft Voice Command which does true speech recognition. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted It’s still not easy to find support for the A2DP high quality stereo audio profile among PDA and smartphones and we were glad to find it on the Hermes family.

The price difference is steep between the two, keep in mind.

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