Posted 27 January – This is the best I could find click the Workability Perfected section – http: Tips Swing naturally, regardless of the alterations you have made to the club head, and let the club alter the ball flight. Locate the hosel on the driver. I’ll email you tomorrow with it. The wrench will blink and beep to let you know the hosel is securely fastened. BrandonG2 35 years old.

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By saevel25Wednesday at Fall colors pre peak. By iacasJanuary 2, in Golf Talk.

Nike STR8-Fit Driver Instructions | SportsRec

I plan on giving it a go tomorrow. Ballard on Length of Backswing.

Fit the Nike wrench around the sleeve of the hosel joint and twist clockwise to maintain your alterations. Thanks for posting these. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Oh ya, I think the batteries are dead in the wrench, hopefully switching them will save me from buying some new ones. Taylormade has a good video on how to setup the new R11 but other than the chart that shows what all the setting are, there’s really no guide.


Can’t say I’m a fan of the way his pelvis is working, not how Nicklaus did it. ON the Neutral 4 setting, the yellow arrow will be pointing strait down at the club head or strait with the club face.

Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Posted April 11, I always shake and take off my hat and never wear a hat indoors. Please log in to reply.

Nike VR Str8-FIT Tour – Fitting Chart incorrect online – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Or did you buy second hand? BaldTexan 63 years old. Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much more than not taking it off to shake. I’m sure it’s something simple and I’m just not able to see it. str88

Nike STR8-FIT adjustment chart for VR Pro Driver, 2011.

Wow, lots of brains here! Posted April 28, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Register a new account. Golfers with a nikd swing speed should increase the loft angle.


Nike STR8-Fit Driver Instructions

Brian Peck 27 years old. This is the small metal joint where the shaft fits into the club head.

By saevel25Wednesday at Mine came with an manual. Fall colors pre peak. I’m a Police Officer.

It seems like a nice driver, I just want to figure out how adnust set it any help is appreciated! Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts! We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant.

Already have an account? It’s probably 60 pages long, but that’s because they have the instructions in like 30 different languages, and it’s about 2 pgs per language.

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