I only want to check the settings which have been installed. The installation path or at least the path that the error message indicated does not appear correct for 2. Take a look at the screenshot linked below. This discussion is marked as answered. As for the network is the Windows XP system configured with a network connection?

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I have the cable set to usb, but it doesn’t seem to find the device. As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains 64-bitt security and privacy.

Back-UPS Pro 1100VA Serial Communication on Windows 7

Hi, This is very likely me, but I just can’t get it working …: In the past there were some issues with the PBI infrastructure in the 2. I’m using a C cable. No, I had no issues at all with NUT. I’ve decided to build both a “Smart-Custom” and a “Simple-Custom” cable per the apcupsd archive and see what happens.

And in fact, I find the older software less clunky You’ll find an. Hi, Are you on v2.


Windows USB driver testing (x64 and i386)

Page 1 of 1 15 items. It then shows an error message, “The installer is unable to locate an APC battery backup connected to your computer Hope this can help you.

Free forum by Nabble. I believe it should work with this UPS but I haven’t specifically tried it. About pfSense, it’s installed in 2. I’ll try the serial 46-bit USB adapter with the C and maybe the apcupsd “Smart-Custom” and a “Simple-Custom” cables also this weekend and provide an update then. Before installing it, please uninstall your old version of apcupsd. I dont see any tickets on Redmine.

Apcupsd Failing (USB Device) | Netgate Forum

After Y choose “On”, listening on 0. In reply to this post by Adam Kropelin hi adam! Tried all possible compatibility settings for the install file but all are a no-go. Take a look at the screenshot linked below.

As for the network is the Windows XP system configured with a network connection? Only asking because I’m not sure what you mean by “After Y” …: Plantronics USB headset not appearing as output device in Pulseaudio [closed] multimedia keys on Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard Fedora 23 installation stops Fedora 18 hangs on boot. You will need to run this command from the console or a SSH session —. In reply to this post by snIP3r Take a look at the screenshot linked below.


Is there a simple way to update some of the user selectable options? You could try posting this in the 2. Thank you very much for the settings. Hi, Here is usg conf values are without quotes: This is because the installer does not yet handle installing the driver for you.

Zpcupsd, Yep, thinking the same thing. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Choose a location discussion: Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. Are you on v2.

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