After looking at the driver, I noticed the “Get Info” Version information showed “rtl version 1. Mac OS X drivers are available from www. Issue came up day one of leopard release and I saw it here with my G5 tower. Here is my Hardware Overview: The card worked right away so I didn’t even have to worry about installing drivers – which is a good thing because the card came with a floppy disc with the drivers on it. Probably a problem with OS X.

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You could use as many cards as you have slots for, and then fats could even have multiple addresses on each interface. I know this works also in This was promosing, so I purchased the card.

Afst installing the PCI card and rebooting – Apple had no built in drivers for it. The appears to be a generic Tulip card the DEC x0 family – I wouldn’t be surprised if their driver worked on other Tulip-based cards.

My recommendation, however, is that people just get the GA and forget all of this.

Asante Technologies AsanteFast 590 PCI Free Driver Download (Official)

This card uses the Realtek RTL chipset. However, I thought my experience might help someone else with a similar problem to avoid wasting a lot of time.


The only tricky part is downloading the drivers from the ftp site. Luckily, the good folks at Sustainable Softworks have a page at the ready with drivers they have 59 for these adaptors www.

Changing the speed of the ethernet card using the advanced options in network made no difference. This is a little strange, because the card had a reputation as a lemon under OS 8 and 9.

Mac OS X PCI Ethernet Card Compatibility reports

Card works great though. The switch is connected asantte a Linksys router. HTH Cheers Frederico “. But I won’t bother to install cause I don’t need it for a home server, and the card is running just fine with built in network software. So speeds appear to be equivalent. Diego Pino N Krayon Media www. I looked for a manufacturer using the RTL chipset for their card, but expect to have an answer soon. I found it on this realtek drivers page You have to get the one in the “Others” section.

AsanteFAST for Mac – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Now, it may have worked under Tiger based windwos Roger C. Even though the manual says so, axante turns out the particular switch revision I had didn’t support this feature newegg had old stock I guess. If the card supports “Jumbo Frames” remember everything on the network must support Jumbo Frames also to work include that info also.


If anyone tries one of them with Tiger let me know if there’s native support or if the driver still works in Tiger.

Asante Technologies Network Drivers Download

This model is not currently listed at dlink. Sincerely yours, Robert W. I don’t know if the latest AppleIntelX. I probably could have succeeded if I rebuilt xnu the Darwin kernelbut the way I chose, converting the driver to a KEXT without really understanding itwas an exercise in futility. Enter “sudo chown root: Installing the driver again, removed this error. I’ll report long term, but so far, so good. I transferred some music and image folders. Villa Asante is well equipped for families.

Contact villa Owner OR Visit official website. I asked if he could test for deep sleep support and if he’d seen any issues with it so far either NIC or FW related. We transitioned the customer that was using these cards over to Panther,

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