I’ll go back and make sure all rates match across all platforms. Send a private message to wilson schulbus. All is well in the end: Yeah, the sheer number of ways you can route the signal makes it a little more complicated than it has to be for a recording interface, but then again it was made to be a mixing desk primarily, so we can’t complain: Thanks everybody you guys are great! I use the XAir

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This is the Gain Staging!.

I have no problems at all with audio drop outs and such, but for some reason, when I behhringer more than 3 tracks, it doesn’t even matter if I’m using no plug ins at all, when I monitor from the DAW, BAM, can’t record because the latency is almost a second.

OH my God, I feel so bad, but work has been killer these past weeks!

That is how I set it up anyway. Saturday, August 22, 2: You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Can it be true that no one udb Auria and an X18 has configured for playback? TBH, with disk space as fast and cheap as is it now, it’s not really necessary.

Anyone using the Beringher Xair18?

Whilst the Asio driver isnt the best I’ve ever encountered, you certainly should be able to get decent latencies – so fear not, we just need to find the gremlin in your setup!


Thinking replacement or using another device that I already own. If so then you need to setup vmix to KHz so your mixer is the same as vmix or setup your mixer to KHz to KHz to be the same as vmix. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help behrihger by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. I have found it better than the ASIO driver for some things, particularly playlist playback.

You cannot create polls in this forum. Send a private message to somebodyelseuk. With regards to hardware monitoring, this is done via the X-air edit software.

I ended up using the Audiobus app to playback a few prerecorded drum tracks from Auria and was able to multi-track record my band live while the drum tracks played. Originally Posted by wilson schulbus Thanks to everyone’s behhringer and knowledge I am making pretty good progress towards my goal.

Somewhere in amongst the settings, there is or used to be a tick box, which is ticked by default, that limits project length to I think six minutes.

No Sound using Behringer Air XR18 via USB connection

So this is going to be something in your Behringer user manual,, not Sonar. There was latency gehringer the prerecorded tracks and live tracks. Both of the older mixers work fine in vMix. I will try to document the settings tonight. You cannot post new topics in this forum.



I have both Sonar and the stuff going into the board. Tim, we currently use the XR18 on a Behirnger. Have no idea how this set up works, doesn;t make sense to me, but hey, it does!

I will look into doing a step-by-step document or video about how I set this up. For recording to your iPad you could use Auria. You can do several things to monitor.

No Audio on Playback with Behringer X18 System – Auria Discussion Board

It seems if it has to be done at the channel that then messes with my overall house mix settings I have worked so hard to perfect. All times are GMT Long time no talk to. Find More Posts by Dutch. Saturday, August 22, Spent some time in Massachusetts Southwick in the late 70s.

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