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Tue May 10, 5: Some related file I found suggests it’s a possible issue with the emm memory value. Display posts from previous: Sun May 15, 1: Thanks a lot for your reply Darkster! Tue May 10, You sos neither a partition nor a floppy disk to access the BIOS as it is stored in a flash chip on the motherboard I legitimately own this copy of Windows 98, as well as the activation key.

Sony PCGA-CD51 Free Driver Download for DOS () –

I assume that laptop has a USB 1. Page 1 of 1. I stuck an image on a hard-drive with Windows 98 pre-installed onto it and it all seemed to work great saving me lots of time in the long run – until finally figuring out lots of linkages stopped working and lots of things were erroring out driver conflict, memory issues, etc. Compaq still has the drivers for this machine on their website, it’s under “Software – System Management”.


Sony PCGA-CD51 Free Driver Download

Then, take out the hdd and put it cf51 another computer another laptop that can see the cd drive, an usb dock connected to a modern pc, or whatevercopy the “win98” directory to the hdd. While you have it plugged into another PC, might as well dump the installers for all the programs you want and the drivers as well.

Thanks for all your help! SYS is using ‘CE00’ as shown on the driver link above. Why not try and install Windows first and then worry about the drivers?

It may be that the Setup diskette will check that you have the correct model and refuse to work, in which case it cd1 need patching but that is beyond my capabilities. I 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Tue May 10, 1: It creates a folder on your system and you just run setup from there after installation.

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I believe the first bootable partition is offset from where the bios partition is placed, which is why using a standard DOS diskette to create partitions is confusing your Compaq. Joined Fri Mar 13, 5: Any help I possibly get for modifying the disc’s contents for my own needs will not be redistributed elsewhere. Any ideas how I can fix the MBR manually to work with the laptop? Then just make a boot disk for Windows 98 with the right drivers and off you go!


Board index All times are UTC. To my knowledge the only way to access cd15 BIOS Computer Setup is by having the correct partition on your hard-drive which makes a little blinker show at the top-right of the screen upon boot up, in order to allow you to press F10 to access it.

Users browsing this forum: Doz here for everything that doesn’t fit BA. The short of the problem is that it can’t detect the card that’s inserted into it even though it worked fine on Windows 98 when using the pre-installed image I had bringing up the following error on startup: Or, if your CD can format OTOH you could look into the config.

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