This is how the License info will look when you are running the free version that has expired. Open the license settings as described above. Future plans involves even more online functionality. There is no hidden spyware or similar in our software and there will never be. I just went throught the process and I received the email updated number within a minute.

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We get many emails with questions like “It does not work, what should I cncsimulaator You will see a list of licenses that you have registered on your account one or several depending on how many computers you have installed the CNCSimulator on.

Enter your search term here This is the address that you used when you registered your account the first time you started the CNCSimulator Pro.

We recommend you to an account with Dropbox or a similar service. Our server will automatically send you an email with a code for reactivation each time your license expires. On the page for the Petrol download there is an option for the legacy version of the code.

Free CNC-Simulator

But keep in mind that you will always have to finish off the program yourself. You could have a firewall installed that only let cnccsimulator through to sites previously approved by a network technician.

On this settings page you will find information and settings regarding your CNCSimulator Pro license. Thank you, dale cnc at outagas dot com.


CNCSimulator Classic Activation

This code is valid during a couple of weeks but will be deleted if not used in time. When you click the button, a mail containing the refill code will be sent to your default email address. You get free software and we get visitors and a petgol to show and promote our site and products. Problem to connect with our server can depend on different things.

It also creates an account on our server if it is the first time you install the CNCSimulator Pro on any computer. We will keep on improving the program to make it even more useful as long as you understand that it is not meant to, and will never be able to replace a cncimulator and experienced CNC programmer.

Cncsimlator License extension should normally not be used and you can ignore this setting until getting instructions from support to use it.

CNCSimulator Pro user guide. If you have not received an answer as a free user, wait a few days and try again. Cncsiumlator can also happen if you have an unreliable connection to Internet, like a weak Wi-Fi signal for example.

Make sure you have your password stored. If you cannot accept this, and want to be able to speak directly over phone with the company that delivers your software, at the instant you get a problem, then it is better you do not use CNCSimulator Pro. Have a look at these Tutorials.


The CNCSimulator needs to contact our servers for licensing as well as online documentation etc. If you have an issue with the licensing system and you are using the free version, p lease make sure you do the following:. Helpdesk

How can we help you today? You should see a message telling you that the CNCSimulator is reactivated. This could be another email you are using, an email of a relative or an email of a friend.

Users of the free version will have to login to their account to manually order the petrol mail in order to reactivate their licenses. Users of the free version will have to login to their account to manually order the petrol mail in order to reactivate their licenses. Whenever you have a technical question that needs answering, you want that answer as fast as possible, right?. For instructions please see this page: Problem- Vfd Not responding.

The more details you can provide, the more quickly the technician can identify the source of the problem and correct it. Please note that you can also enter your license string by clicking Help — Activate license in the main menu.

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