The process as below: This function is designed to return the image to its original and default magnification. Page 87 Hide video This button blanks the portion of the screen devoted to this camera. Clicking on the tool bar, will allow you to search your video clips. Remote playback tool bar When viewing camera s of Local DVR Server, you can right click of mouse on the video of screen to bring up more options, as below. Please specify your search parameters of download, as below. Motion setting

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You can read more about this in the Netcom operation manual. Hardware detection tends to be more stable but requires extra hardware. For detail functions please refer Chapter Click to complete backup. Original — Click this icon to go back original video size. V ideo and Audio Recording Installation Logout when window is minimized automatically logs out the current user whenever the minimize button is pressed. If you enable this function that it will shows the available camera s for your selection px you connect to the Local DVR Server.

Drivers: I View Cp as For Win7

Generally, device driver should be included in the PC system when completing installation. Page 1 FCC Compliance Statement 4 FCC WARNING 4 License Agreement 5 Trademarks 7 Customer Support Page 2 Takes a picture of the current screen and saves the image in. Should you have any questions concerning this Agreement, please contact I-View directly at one of the numbers or addresses listed at the beginning of this manual.


Optional z Click to stop the alarm when it sounds. Baud rate This function is optional.

The main purpose of this section is to provide a way to connect to the Local DVR Server where you are running Witness XP to monitor the cameras cp-1400ax if you happen to be far away from it. Using the Site Book Terminology is relative to the site from where you would be using Witness XP. Page cp z Capture audio Enables cameras with microphones to record sound and use the audio monitor function.

Auto-Return Belt Drive Turntable CP-1400A

To log out, click the same icon. The output level of microphone must be over V2p-p and do not use AC97 Sound card for audio recording.

Click in the top of left side to search for videos in database. You can make a warning sound file by doing the following. Follow the instructions below to set up audio recording for single camera. Page 63 Step 3. Click on the tool bar, and click in the middle of right side to search the video clips saved on remote client computer the computer which installs software FreeView Pro.


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You should restart Witness XP before new settings will take effect. Page 98 channels, save video files, and configure exactly how you want the program to work. Page 34 Baud rate This function is optional. Cameras are assigned to fixed groups see example below.

Please specify your search parameters of download, as below. Page 65 Step 4: Clicking on the tool bar, will allow you to search your video clips.

Page 5 License Agreement Notice to end-user: Double click again to restore the previous viewing screen. Click in the middle of cp-1400sa side to search for videos in database.

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