Start display at page:. Do not place the cable modem gateway near metallic surfaces that may block the wireless communications path. Verify that your cable service is active and that it supports two-way service. The WebSTAR Cable Modem Gateways can support several Ethernet network devices using either one of the four Ethernet ports on the back panel of the unit, or using external Ethernet hubs that must be purchased separately. When you receive your gateway cable modem, you should check the equipment and accessories to verify thateach item is in the carton and that each item is undamaged. Contact your cable service provider or consult the documentation for your wireless network devices for more information.

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This version release has recent USB driver fixes and is being provided ‘as is’ without any.

Ethernet wiring and connections must be properly insulated to prevent electrical shock. Save the file to your desktop. When the wireless interface is disabled, the transmitter is turned off. Do not use accessories with this equipment unless recommended by your cable service provider. Congratulations on your HomePortal purchase. To configure your cable modem gateway, you must access the WebWizard configuration pages.

This feature allows you to assign a fixed IP address to any device in your network by setting static IP addresses in your PC or other network device.

WebSTAR DPR and DPR Cable Modem Gateway User s Guide – PDF

A number of factors can impact the practical limit of the network. Plugging this product into a surge protector may reduce the risk of damage. These filters block a range of IP addresses from accessing the Internet. The cable modem gateway serves as a wireless access point WAP.


For a 2-prong plug a polarized plug with one wide blade and one narrow bladeinsert the plug into a polarized mains, 2-prong outlet in which one socket is wider than the other. This site was designed with the. User s Installation Guide.

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Verify that all Ethernet network devices are working properly. Refer to the troubleshooting information in your USB documentation. Do not use this apparatus near. Follow all operating instructions that accompany this product. These filters allow you to deny or block access to the Internet bythe individual Ueb addresses listed in the table. The system displays a new IP address.

Select locations for wireless network devices. Now that you have selected a location for your wireless network devices, the next step is to place and install your wireless network devices.

If you are not familiar with the 23220 settings detailed in this section, contact your cable service provider before you attempt to change any of the cable modem gateway default advanced IP filtering settings. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. You can use a ddpr variety of Ethernet network devices with your gateway cable modem. Install filters on your telephone. Preventing Power Cord Damage Arrange all power cords so that people or pets cannot walk on the cords.


To avoid electric shock and fire hazard, match isb plug and outlet connections carefully, then fully insert. With the power off, simultaneously press and hold down the Command AppleSub, P, and R keys on your keyboard. If the plug still fails to fit, contact an electrician to replace your obsolete outlet.

If there is damage to the power-supply cord or plug If liquid enters the equipment If you drop this product, a heavy object falls on this product, or damage occurs to the cover of this product If you expose this product to rain or water If this product does not operate normally by following the operating instructions If this product exhibits a distinct change in performance Checking Product Safety Upon completion of any service or repairs to this product, the service technician must perform safety checks to determine that this product is in proper operating condition.

Before you can use your cable modem gateway, you need to have a high-speed Internet access account. Your gateway Web pages will appear on the remote computer.

Networking General networking Networking overview A network is a collection of devices such as computers, printers, Ethernet hubs, wireless access points, and routers connected together for communication.

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