I know it would of saved me a fair amount of time. Please install it using the command below. They are as follows: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. March 22nd, 5. Hi, my LabelWriter worked out-of-the-box until Intrepid.

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Now that you have your terminal window open, change directory cd into dymo-cups-drivers I hope this helps someone out and they find it before they have done a lot searching. Visit Our Shop Trial Subscription.

Package: printer-driver-dymo (1.4.0-8)

Join Date Oct Beans Finally references for installing and using Dymo under Linux: However, meanwhile an updated cups package 1. There should be an entry referring to the Dymo lunux.

Next you need to go to the Synaptic Package Manager and install some headers and libraries. It makes sense to test the printer by printing some sample text. With just some tweaking, the Dymo LabelWriter even prints on Linux. Apart from this, typing strings like This simple formula works amazingly well even though the Helvetica font I chose does not use fixed-width spacing but assigns a proportional amount of space to each letter in the document.


After installing a couple of additional packages, such as libcups2-dev and libcupsimage2-devwith apt-getI was able to complete the build using. You can scan QR codes with a smartphone, opening up the option of assigning inventory numbers to devices printed as QR codes on labels that you could then scan and, if needed, store next to an asset number in a database or a filing system like Evernote, say, for a scanned owner’s manual.

Originally Posted by sebiXVI. If your printer is not listed, you need to check the USB connection. Figure 7 shows the plain text version in the app. Once there you are ready to start to make this all come together, In the terminal enter the following: This file is then sent to the printer for processing it by submitting the lp command see manpage.

I receive an error when installing the driver on the Dynmo site using the above directions intended for v.

Dymo Label Writer Printers, easy peasy install

Looking at printter code, the reasoning behind the expression. February 23rd, 4. Once we know the printer address here it is usb: Fortunately, a kind person from Ubuntu went through the trouble of generating a perlmagick package that provides the feature set with the Graphics:: So just be careful, if you’re not near this thing and you print a test page the default way like say a network print serverI can picture a floor full of wasted labels. Additionally, the printer is configured to accept jobs sent to it for printing.


Listing 2 processes the text passed in at the command line. Both of them set themselves to using the following address: Please execute the command shown below and check, if the result looks similar. I bought a roll of labels numbered “” featuring return address labels. The LabelWriter Turbo also prints on Linux. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

This is their instructions, and is what I am about to embellish upon. Email Required, but never shown. Afterwards the archive needs to be extracted.

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