Two Epson printers are now dead. Where do I send my donations? A I purchased for a little old lady was used very little over ten months. THey will then put you through to someone else. The tech guy said there is something wrong with the printer. You can buy a competitor’s printer, with all the same functions such as an HP , for less than you would pay for the replacement through Epson’s less than generous program. Im truly happy with Epson.

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I have tested many out there and wow.

Pigment ink settles and gives a bad print. This is something I never did before. I followed all the collective advice, called Epson service, and explained the light ink, missing colors on the pages, multiple attempts at nozzle cleaning, print testing, replacing cartridges, etc.

I am also having the same problem. Prior to the phone representative knowing that I had my receipt, he was only offering to sell me the CX at a reduced price.

Beware the Ides of Epson. I have prnt say, they handeled it pretty well. Bully for me and my new mega-ink-expenditures! Took me about 10 min on the phone, having my epson registered and still on warranty helped I am sure. I went through the motions and they also ended up sending me an a CX today. Fortunately, thanks to the information provided by you good folks, I was fully prepared for my call in to Epson Tech Support to resolve my printer problem.


With rebates and sales, it’s cheaper to buy another one than it is to buy consumables or fix a broken one.

Epson Stylus CX review: Epson Stylus CX – CNET

What is Epson doing, building printers that are designed to fail after one year? It seems that eveyone else on here are getting their replacements. I never turn off my printer. This is the second Epson CX that has had the same problems with not printing pages.

Looked for the tube. Saw your posting and hope you can help. What questions did they ask of you before they agreed to replace it? I have received a notice of legal action towards the company for this very reason.

I hope this model lasts longer! Adding to the list of many, my Epson CX is printing blank pages.

And you have just messed up the factory adjustments. In all cases, the worst thing that can happen is that some of your print jobs come out looking bad and you’ve wasted some paper – maybe a little ink too. My printers crappy too. I havent even used a half ream of paper in this thing. Meanwhile, I will still try to fix the Epson help line sent me here to purchase a different printer at a reduced cost,go figure they are wanting more money.


No upgraded printer for me: I also had this problem. I no longer intend to waste anymore epon on Epson’s ink or their printers unless they make laser ones.

My Epson CX4600 prints blank pages

Never again will I buy epson. I thought, but did not say, that these posts are like seeing cc4600 roach in the kitchen I’d guess I get about 35 4×6 photos per set of cartridges. Although i was using prinr ink which really doesn’t matter I told her that I had Epson brand ink cartridges just for the sake of making this process quick and easy.

In fact its as good as new,and all you need is a syringe and some Isopropyl Alcohol?

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