Tips If some epoxy oozes out of the hole, allow it to dry before scrapping it off and be careful not to harm the finish of the club head. He can be reached in the shop at or MWeidel aol. King F7 Irons: A good extractor allows you to exert modest but constant pressure while heating the club, so you feel the epoxy bond let go and can immediately remove the heat source while safely pushing the head off the shaft. The only thing I would caution on is the comment he makes regarding having more epoxy in the hosel is better than not enough this is true but a bit misleading. Started by klein1dg , Nov 15 He wipes off the hosel in the video, but in person, I’m not even sure any epoxy leaked out.

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How to Paint Golf Club Shafts. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Great video, Danny makes it look so easy. Simple light sand paper would work fine. It is possible to pull these shafts as I have done it many times but it can take awhile. Posted 15 November – Or easiest to do at home without tools way?

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Just remember when working with Berthas that you have no hosel to heat, keep the heat gun moving constantly so as not to scorch or discolor callwaay head or ruin the exposed part of the shaft at the point it enters the head. Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. Originally Posted by PhillyV. Original shaft removal is no different for a Bertha than any other comparable metal wood.


reshafting a Callaway Ft-5…help please!

Hard working man in golf! There is no better way to deal with the contours of the warbird sole plate and get the bore through shaft perfectly flush with the sole. F8 5 Wood Hybrids: So, I ordered another shaft and adapter and did it again. You’ll find that attacking the job from several different angles turning callawy club around will make it easier.

How to Reshaft a Callaway Big Bertha Driver | SportsRec

I look forward to more of this content. And we all know how important cosmetics are to the golfer’s mental health!

SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! How To Reshaft Golf Clubs.

Most golf outlet stores sell the products needed to perform this procedure; they also offer reshafting services to ensure the job is done correctly. Use a heat gun only, the torch get too hot too fast, and go seconds on, 20 seconds off, repeat until shaft comes out.

King F7 Irons: I have seen many Bertha reshafts where the finish, particularly of the bore thru sole plate area, was less than satisfactory.


Mark Weidel, owner of ProTech Golf, has been a clubmaker for seven years. Under no circumstances should you use a torch on titanium heads.

What’s in my Hauler Grandaddy Stand Bag: The only thing I would caution on is the comment he makes regarding having more epoxy in the hosel is better than not enough this is true but a bit misleading.

How to Reshaft a Callaway Big Bertha Driver

While you certainly can do an adequate job with a pry bar, fact is, you’ll save more shafts with a good caklaway and it will more than pay for itself. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. If the customer goes for it, the shorty ferrule is the better choice.

The second time didn’t turn out as well as the first.

I wasn’t able to get the ferrule all the way in. If the fit is good you really don’t need much epoxy, if the fit is a bit loose you should be using shafting beads to help with this. Looking for the perfect shaft to reshaft your Big Bertha?

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