I use an inexpensive infrared thermometer to monitor the progress. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Did you install memory correctly? Took me swapping the memory in each slot to get the computer to power back on regularly. Thanks for the effort but my sound still doesnt work. Do I have to add the artic sil to the pads or the chips and a little or alot? You carefully lift up the locking tab, release the cable and pull it from the connector.

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Disconnect two antenna cables black and gray from the wireless card. What did you try to do? The Bluetooth module is shown on the page Is there any alternate power cable for the LCD display? The dvt ran for one hour and 48 minutes on our DVD battery drain test, using the included six-cell battery. I have a DV like pavikion one you disassembled.

Both have very similar failure symptom — no backlight. It has two connectors the top one pointed with a yellow arrow. Thanks for your answer so far. Please a response is appreciated.

After that connect an external monitor and turn on the laptop. First, I would try reseating memory modules.

Our DVD battery drain test is especially grueling, so you can expect longer life from casual Web surfing and office use, but we still like to see at least two hours from any laptop that’s not a inch desktop replacement.


I would test the hard drive. My computer is having a graphic card problem. Thank you so much — you have been a life-saver!

Bluetooth per HP Pavilion DV DV chip modulo + flat cable cavo | eBay

But now i have another problem, the notebook i disassembled is a HP Pavillion DV eo and i tried switching motherboards between that and another laptop, it didnt work so i changed back, when i took the old motherboard and had assembled pavulion entire laptop again it didnt start either, any idea why it wont start? Could you help explain where the pavolion end might run to so I can trace it back and plug in back in? What are the steps to replace the power connector board?

After removing both the memory and hard drive covers, I found it really difficult to pull the hard drive out of its slot. Most likely this is some kind of connection related problem.

Hi, thanks for great instructions, it is very useful. I guess you can take a closer look at the damaged ports, and if you find any number printed on pavilioh ports try searching on Google. Replacing a touchpad in my DV and a black rubber band type o-ring fell. I think this contact pin carries one of the two terminals of pavilipn 5 DC current.


Bluetooth in HP Pavilion DV6500 [Closed]

Besides a fingerprint reader to the right of the touchpad and a Webcam above the screen, the HP Pavilion dvt has a row of touch-sensitive media controls above the keyboard. If there is no sound in headphones, most likely your problem is not related to speakers.

Anyways, by getting to step 5, I was able to get pavililn air bluetpoth to blow away alot of the dust on the fan. Probably bad connection between the speaker cable and board. When I start comp, DVD drive is running and green control light up but after Windows start, it is completely gone. I have problem to recognize my DVD rom and I need to reseat data cable.

Also, try removing memory modules one by one.

HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

After about 30 minutes it usually starts. So I doubt the motherboard is damaged.

I checked my adapter on other Laptop, there it is working fineno sound from it.

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