View our Delivery Information for more details. However, given algorithm was introduced in later version of JavaCard specification than version declared by the card as supported one. I’m publishing it anyway as the information that some card supporting particular algorithm exists is still interesting. Such a behavior can be employed for a quick test of supported algorithms. VISA Estonian , made by www.

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Furthermore, we package cards using outer corrugated cartons capable of holding cards at a time to fully protect your order whilst in transit.

List of supported JavaCard algorithms

JCSystem – selected methods javacardx. Fore more information on this card please contact us.

Usually, this equals to unsupported algorithm. The maker can be found at www. Alice Business card to be used in the modem supplied by an Italian provider.

List of supported JavaCard algorithms

AlgTest applet tries to create an instance of an algorithm for all possible constants defined in JavaCard specification and eventually catch the exception.

Electronic wallet for paying bus transportation. Entropia Universe Gold card http: Such a behavior can be employed for a quick test of supported algorithms. If you are in any jop, please feel free to call us and we will answer any queries you may have.


The city’s web site is: Automated upload and testing of these features will solve this in future. The exceptions to this rule are classes that have to be tested manually at the moment, following information: Norsk-Tipping Buypass Monodex card bought from http: But it might be possible, that given algorithm is NOT actually supported by jop as some cards may create object for requested algorithm and fail only later when object is actually used.

Metrebus Card used in Rome to store personal information and Atac subscription. Try to re-install AlgTest applet if the test execution fails, allocated objects are often freed when applet is removed and installed again.

BP-Tools is a set of freeware applications for EFT testing, benchmarking and transaction service development. Typically, basic primitives like block cipher or asymmetric cryptography algorithm remain same as they are often implemented in hardware, but cryptographic constructions like particular MAC algorithm or supported key sizes may be added later.

JCOP 41 – 72k (Mifare 4k Emulation) White Gloss PVC Card

Athena IDProtect Key v2 http: Most probably, algorithm is NOT supported by given card. Future version of the JCAlgTest will make more thorough tests regarding this behaviour. JavaCard’s algorithms support test What it does: Typical example is the addition of new constants jco; by the newer version of JavaCard standard, which are not supported by cards tested before apperance of of new version of specification.


D-Trust multicard advanced 3.

Further allocation then fails even when the particular algorithm is supported. VISA Estonianmade by www. Finnish identity card given by the City of Helsinki to all members of city council, board and commitees.

Complete list of ATRs

It resides in a calculator like token, that is used for jfop challenge response when logging in. Most probably, algorithm is NOT supported by given card. Nordea a Skandinavian bank eID card http: View our Delivery Information for more details.

German driver card for the digital tachographs mandatory for trucks above 3. Any ATR message missing?

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