With only the bt dongle plugged in: Of course some recent applets do not work with an older bluez. It looks like blueman it register itself as security manger for bluetooth cannot act well with new bluetooth applets from 8. I am certainly not a command line fanatic and I prefer GUI apps when they work. Podness classified51a wrote on Bluetooth daemon Oct 27

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Bug # “Some bluetooth dongles don’t work anymore” : Bugs : Ubuntu

I do not know if this is relevant. Unable to get on D-Bus bluetoothd stop Nov 4 But ultimately it worked.

If you own a Sony Ericsson Mobile phone and vluetooth want to customize it, now you can forget those paid services you see on TV, because thanks to MyPhoneExplorer you will be able to do it for free. Failed to listen on control channel Nov 6 Bluetooth dongle I’m run on Intrepid x86, I’ve the bluetooth icon on my tray but I can’t connect to my phone: Can’t read version info for hci0: Device hci0 has been disabled May 21 Even I I remove it from the paired list, when I rty to pair it, the computer telles me it is correctly paired, but ky-bg100 mouse stays in pairing mode I’ve same bug with same materiel: Bluetooth dongle How do I check if a driver is loaded for it?


I’ve got a Belkin F8T, on 8.

The problem is bluez 4, not the whole of Intrepid. Easeware Technology Ky bt bluetooth adapter Navigator.

Unable to get on D-Bus bluetoothd start Nov 4 The same bug, icon is hiding when dongle is off, showing when on, but nothing can be done with it. This seems to force the uninstallation of the buggy bluez 4 packages and install some bluez 3 packages instead.

Doing this, I am still using Intrepid and I do backup my phone with Wammu through a Bluetooth connection with a I believe this is a kernel issue so marking it as a duplicate of bug so it can be addressed by the kernel team.

Starting experimental netlink support Nov 4 This is what I described in my post install blueman for its dependencies and then, optionally, uninstall blueman.

Some bluetooth dongles don’t work anymore What is the border between hluetooth two problems? After upgrade bluetooth doesn’t work. I don’t know if it will help anyone, but I have the same issues with two different USB Bluetooth dongles.



HCI dev 0 unregistered Nov 2 This bug report is a duplicate of: My symptoms are a bit different: If you were searching for my website, then http: I think there should be two different bugs: In Ibex with kernel 2.

I can scan ans see other devices, but I can’t pair any or transfer files.

Unable to start periodic inquiry: Bluetooth used to work on Bljetooth Hardy 8. Discovery session 0xb9a with: Connection timed out Oct 27 You are commenting using your WordPress.

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