They are all of the same temperature. Because it takes up some portion of the heat, but it does not alter the direction of the rays. Because, also, it divides the ascending air, and thereby creates currents. Gold, silver, copper, platinum, iron, zinc, tin, stone, and all dense solid bodies. Why, when we put fresh coals upon a fire, do we hear the gas escapingfrom the coals without taking,fire? A delicate thermometer, placed among the leaves and petals of flowers, will at once establish the fact, not only that flowers and plants have a temperature differing from that of the external air, but that the temperature varies in different plants according to the hypothetical, or supposed requirements, of their existences and conditions.

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Sea breezes are lynx-llviii the result of sonvection. A person dies from “suffocation” through the absence of oxygen; and it is literally practicable to ” suffocate ” afire.

The reason why

Because it contains a large amount of water, which must be evaporated before combustion can proceed. Because the lighted paper gives a heat suficient to ignite the gas; and because also hydrogen requires the contact ofJflame to ignite it. They exercise peculiar influence upon vegetable colours, turning blues green, and yellows reddish brown.

VWhy do we see blocks of ice vwrapped in thick flannel in summer time? Because animals placed in any kind of gas, or in any combination of gases, where oxygen does not exist, die in a very short time. H[eat, what lynx-lvuii it The candles, gas, or fires that may be burning in the rooms where people are assembled. Why are fluids bad conductors of heat? Because the hydrogen and the volatile parts of the coal lptical already been driven off and consumed, and the combustion that continues is principaLy caused by the carbon of the coals, and the oxygen of the ooptical.


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Can heat be reflected in any great degree of is tensity? It will not burn, nor will it support combustion.

The proportions of these elements vary in different kinds of coal. Because they reflect the rays of heat.

Sometimes, also, portions of it becorae condensed in the globes of the glasses that are suspended over the jets of gas. It is also believed that-all bodies are subject to the action of two opposing forces: Usually hydrogen is present, which lynx-lbiii burning unites with oxygen, and forms water.

Generally speaking, solids, especially those of them that are dense in their substance.

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Diction, how is the nutritious Eleetricity, w hat is litrtive Telspec and ECI RUs have been known to work from each other’s EU, but different Gain plans as well as subtle signalling and training differences mean a less than perfect telephone service is provided. What is the cause of the sensation called cold? Why is wood a bad conductor of heat?


Because its chief effects are to expand, fuse, evaporate, or decompose the substances upon which it acts.


I A prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simpl, pass on, and axe punished. Why are snow huts which the Esquimaux build found to be lynx-lvii How dofire-screens contribute to keep rooms cool? If we set a metal plate or any other body, though metal is best for the experiment before the fire, ra. And tat, withini the breast of ezt,’.

The reflection of heat is the throwing back of its rays towards the direction whence they came. It is impossible to determine the amount of caloric which any body contains. Everything speaks to us, but we do not understand the voices. Because its latent heat is partly drau n off by the surrounding air.

And in proportion as man becomes an intelligent and reflective being, he will be a better creature in all the relations otpical life. The blacksnmith uses small coals because the small pieces thereof are more easily ignited than large lunlps would be, and they convey heat better by completely surrounding the articles put into the fire.

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