My production is resembling what it once was over two years ago. Fri Sep 17, Mon Dec 06, I’ve just been away working for two weeks, and will go away for about 10 days tomorrow, don’t worry Well I have to confess I’m trying out the climate-beta right now, and trying to learn them how to run a dc project Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! Rock ‘n’ Roll on. Looks like we may have a chance to keep TTC from getting much more of a lead, and I need to get off my duff and start borging a few more computers.

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Thu Jul 15, Mon Aug 30, 3: I guess I’ll just have to go back to Borging work kit again Sat Jul 03, Hope you had an enjoyable Birthday inspite of the misfires home.

The Mother Board

Feb 16, Posts: HopeSM Computers hate me. Oct 28, Posts: Mon Dec 06, Back then I had 11 machines, 12 cpus. Aug 30, Posts: Watch out for voltage “wobble” on some boards and sometimes you need erv drop the multi to up the bus.


Mon Aug 30, 2: That sounds good HopeSM.

M (Vb) PCCHIPS PC-CHIPS Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

Thu Nov 11, 3: Tue Aug 17, 4: I think I’ll try it out at the Rock Pile this weekend. So my daily production should come up just a bit. Fri Jul 30, 6: We’ll keep an eye on your “road test”. Congrats to the t’berries for their SETI 1. Welcome back to the gauntlet Bobdoe and aEric.

Will have something to add shortly. Still, Welcome Home Shawn!

The Mother Board • View topic – Mobo/cpu compatibility

Sun Sep 05, 2: Hi guys, the farm’s been off-line for a while, so zero WU’s for the last few days. Tue Jul 20, 5: It got thrown behind a firewall and blocked, unfortunately I only had it cache for 20 WU But good news is that’s an additional 20 WU to my production and an extra 2 or 3 every few days.

I’m sure your wife is too! No sea time this year but Table Mountain out of the porthole looks beaut this time of year Now all I gotta do is try and persuade BA to upgrade me from business class for free.


Hope all is well. I lost my main producer over the weekend so I’m waiting on a replacement mobo to get it back up and running. Hi HopeSM, Keep the dumps coming! Wed Dec 15, 5: Nov 22, Posts: A little dull P4 in the corner that never gets m9522 attention

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